The Change Machine

The Change Machine also has an active non-profit organization called "THE CHANGE MACHINE" dedicated to assisting different institutions committed to the preservation of reefs and ecosystems in the area. We participate in regular beach cleanups to help keep these places clean, all with the goal of preserving and maintaining the paradise in which we live. โบ๏ธ JOIN THE CHANGE.

The Change Machine AC is a non-profit organization. Together with local and international organizations, we seek to carry out projects that benefit the environment. In and out of the water, The Change Machine brings together different individuals who collectively work to change awareness regarding the health of our world.

The main objective of The Change Machine is to generate a change in awareness regarding the health of our planet. Through their projects and actions, they aim to raise awareness in society about the importance of caring for the environment and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Change Machine AC, we take pride in having a passionate team of divers committed to the conservation of our oceans and aquatic ecosystems. Each of our divers possesses extensive experience and knowledge in diving, enabling us to carry out meaningful projects both in and out of the water.

Join The Change Machine.

With your donations, you become part of the change machine and make a difference.